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Library Instructions

Readers Services

  • Circulation- Main Function : Charging and Discharging
  • Charging Methods – Browne, Newark and Ledger
  • Charging Steps
  • Discharging
  • Library Rules and Regulation

  • You must Register – Where ? Readers’ Services- Circulation
  • Security check – Submit yourselves for check
  • No mutilation
  • No smoking
  • Silence must be maintained
  • Post no bill
  • No cellphone use
  • Leave all consulted books on the table.
  • Nature and use of Serials

  • Publications in different formats issued in successive part at regular intervals.
  • They include periodicals and non-periodicals
  • Characteristics of Serials

  • Change in publishers
  • Contents of each issue are different
  • No planned end
  • Serials are current and up-to-date
  • Always expensive than book
  • They always have multiple authors
  • Problems of Serials

    Elusiveness, Frequent change of name, Change in publishers, Storage, Most are foreign, mutilation etc

    Importance of Serials

  • Always written by experts
  • Provides latest information in a subject
  • Essential to researcher
  • Material not yet published is recorded in serials
  • Platform for communication of knowledge
  • Useful for teaching, learning and research
  • Reference Sources and Services

  • Directional
  • Bibliographies- Bibliography of Bibliographies, National Bibliography, Subject , Trade

    Indexes- Science Scitation Index, Humanities, Social Science Index


  • Source
  • Encyclopedia – General and Subject

    Dictionaries - subject, mono or bi-lingua

    Biographical Sources – e.g who is who in a field or country

    Geographical Sources – atlas, maps, guide, etc