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Title of Book Author
Adult Education SEETHARAMU
Adult Education & Extension BHASKARACHARYULV Y.


Title of Book Author
Adult EducationAgricultural Marketing for Development Economics Edwin N. Onyeabor
Amazing Health Benefits of Honey Kuye, Olusegun .
Dairying and Rural Development Das, C.R.
Fish Nutrition and Economic way to feeding Fish Akintomide, Olayinka
Micro Finance for Agriculture Development Misra, R.N.
Modern Approaches to Agricultural Extension Akubuilo, C.J.C.
Powering the Agricultural and Rural Transformation Process in Nigeria Ladele, A.A.


Title of Book Author
Textbook of botany vol. 1-11th edition Pandey S.N.
Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology


Title of Book Author
Internet Worldwide Web Deitel
Computer Science: An Overview: Int Edition Brookshear
Web Hacking Pearson
Web Design Technology Nagpal A.P.
Management Information System Gupta
Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Information Technology Dixit, J.B.
Fundamental of information technology Leon Alexis
Dictionary of Information Science Maclean, Frank
Exploring Computer with Ease Dehub Technologies Limited
Information and Communication Technology Application: Computer Package II Introduction Database Management Data Analysis Desktop Publishing Printing and Graphical Design Tools Plus Security Concepts. Jinadu, Olayinka
Information and Communication Technology Introducing Computer Concept Data Processing and Networking Olayinka, Jinadu
Information Communication Technology Adekola, Adeola
Introduction to Information Systems James A. O’Brien
Using Computer Software Packages (Ms Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Ms Project, Visual Basic Net and SQL Server Database Odedele, T.O.
Encyclopedia of Computer Software Technology 3 Vols. Kumar. S.
Encyclopedia of Database Management System Set of 3 Vols Kumar. S.
Encyclopedia of Teaching of Computer Science 3 vols. Kumar. S.


Title of Book Author
The New Testament Gerd Theissen
An Introduction to the Testment Apocrypha New Canon Dr. Fred Lapham
The Theology of Paul the Apostle James D.G. Dunn
Problems in Theology: Creation Jeff Astley, David Brown & Ann Loades
Problems in Theology: War and Peace Jeff Astley, David Brown & Ann Loades
Introduction to Biblical Studies of St. Paul Steve Moyise
Father, Son, & Holy Spirit Toward aFully Trinitarian Theology Colin E. Gunton
Women In Religion Jean Holm & John Bowker
God in Action Jeff Astley, Ann Loades & David Brown
Science and Religion Jeff Astley, Ann Loades & David Brown
The Concise Dictionary of Theology General O’Collins & Edwqard G. Farrugia SJ
Church Administration (A practical Approach) Ogungbenga
History and Christianity in Ekiti Land Sunday Aluko
Matthew Henry Commentary of Whole Bible Matthew Henry


Title of Book Author
Distance Education SELVAM S.K.P
Distance Education for National Development SELVAN S.K.P


Title of Book Author
Early Childhood Care and Education SEN GUPTA
Pre-School Children Development Care and Education CHOULDURY
Early Childhood Care & Education MISHRA
Early Childhood Education SIDDIQUIs
Pre-School Education SINGH


Title of Book Author
Education Psychology WOOL-FOLK
Educational Psychology KAKKER
Essentials of Educational Psychology AGGAWAL
The Study of Human Behaviour MISHRA
Education Technology SIDDIQUI
Advanced Educational Psychology SINGH
Child Psychology MAHMUD
Sociological Foundation of Education SINGH
Guidance & Counseling MISHRA
Guidance & Career Counseling RAO
GUIDANCE & Counseling (2vols) MISHRA R.C.


Title of Book Author
Research in Education MISHRA R..C
Research Methodology: Data Presentation SINGH Y.K
Contemporary Issues in Curriculum OMSTEIN
Principles of Curriculum RAO
Curriculum Development SHARMA. P
Encyclopedia of Education Research 4 VOLUMES
Measurement & Evaluation AKANBI
Educational Technology, Teaching & Learning SINGH
Encyclopedia Educational Technology (4vols) SINGH & CO.
Education Technology SIDDIQUI M.H.
Education technology: Management & Planning SINGH Y.K.


Title of Book Author
Nigerian English for Tertiary Student PROF. FUNSO AWOLISI
Coping with English Pronunciation PRO. FUNSO AWOLISI
Use of English for Tertiary Student ADEDUN
Applied Linguistics: An Introductory ADEJUMOBI, TITI
Consequences of Contact: Language Ideologies and Sociacultural Transformations in Pacific Societies MIKI, Makihara
Critical Perspectives on English Language Literature OBAFEMI, OLU (ED)
Current English for Colleges OSBORN
Developing Communication Skills KRISHNA M.
Effective Communication in English FANIRAN, O.A.
First Word, the: The Search fro the Origins of Language CHRISTINE Kenneally
College Writing Skills OJO, JOHNSON
English in the Nigeria Environment: Emerging Patterns and Challenges ADEGBITE, Wale
English Usage some Notable Nigerian Variations OBAFEMI, Kujore
Language and National Development: A book in Honor of Prince Adebisi Bepo OJELADE, KOLA (ED)
Language Literature and Methods for Tertiary Institutions SOYELE, R.A.
Language Literature and Culture in the Current Technological World AKOREDE, Y.O.O.
Learning French in One month Series one (A French Guide to Conversational Practice) with CD
Studies in Morphology and syntax of English NNEKA, UMERA.
Test of Oral English A ADEJUMOBI, TITI
How to Read Effectively and Efficiently: A Concise Guide to Promote Reading Ability AHUHA, Pramila
Use of English for Academic Purposes ADEDUN, E.A
Working with ideas: A Text of English Language Composition skills for College and University Students OTAGBURUAGU, E.J


Title of Book Author
The Oxford Anthology of English Literature Vol.1 Frank Kermode & Co.
The Oxford Anthology of English Literature Vol..2 Frank Kermode & Co.
Introduction to fiction, Poetry and Drama Robert Rosen
Discourse Analysis Johnstone
Education Technology Kennedy


Title of Book Author
A Complete guide to Drawing &Illustration Peter Grity
How to Draw & Paint Thomas
The Complete Book of Decorative Stenciling Lucinda Gander
Crafts for the Yards John Evy
Collins Artists Colour Manual Collins
Drawing Attention Katherine A.
Heart of the Creche James. L
All Allure Robert
Joseph Havel: A Decade of Sculpture Diane Love Joy
New Art From London Townsend
Leon Kossoff: Drawing from Painting Collins Wiggins
Art Beyond representation Barbara Bolt
Certificate Art for JSS & SS Egumor
Comprehensive Approach to Art for School & Colleges Babatunde
Visual Art for School & Colleges Banjoko
Understanding Art in General Education Uzoagba


Title of Book Author
Encyclopedia of Comparative Education (5vols) BANSAL S.K
Media Education RAO V.K.
Micro Teachingg SINGH Y.K.
Models of Teaching SIDDIQUI
Primary Education SELVAM S.K.P.
Secondary Education BHATH
Teaching Practice: Lesson Planning SINGH Y.K.
Elementary Education RAO & CO.
History of Education in Nigeria FAFUNWA B.


Title of Book Author
International Politics on World Stage Rourke . O.
Contemporary Political Ideologies Sargent
International Relations Goldstein

Title of Book Author
History of the World John Whitney Hall & Co.
Essentials of modern World History Steven Waugh
The Origins of the First World War James Jon
History of Yoruba Johnson
Cert. History of Nigeria Michael
History of Nigeria Bks 1-3 Falola & Co.
Crippled Giant: Nigeria Since Independence Osaghae, E. Eghosa
Crisis and Conflict Management in Nigeria since 1980 Vol. one Causes and Dimensions of Conflict Yakubu, A.M.
Democracy and Issues of Governance in African Politics: the Nigerian Perspective h Ohwofasa Akpeninor James
Fiscal Federalism in Nigeria: Facing the Challenges of the Future Elaigwu Isawa J.
Foundations of Nigeria Federalism 1960-1995 Vol. 3 Elaigwu, J. Isawa
Foundations of Nigeria Federalism 1900-1960 Vol. 2
Honourable Attorney-General of the Federations and Minster of Justice (2nd June, 2000-23. Dec. 2001) Chief Bola Ige, (1930-2001) Ladigbolu, A.G.A.
Nigeria’s first Ladies contributions to nation – Building Iroanusi, Sam
Obasanjo Administration 1999-2007 Chronicle of Events and Issues, The Tedheke, Moses (Eds)
Overview of Conflicts in Nigeria: 1984-2000, Oloruntimehin, B.O.
Readings in Nigerian History and Culture: Essays in Memory of Professor J.A. Atanda Oguntomisin, G.O.
Sovereign National Conference and Nationhood in Nigeria Ogunmodede, Francis
Oral History Howarth, Ken
Know Your Political parties: Summaries of the Political Party Manifesto “Development through Issue-Based,Free and Fair elections” Foundation for Democratic Process
Globalization, Democracy and Terrorism Hobsbawm, Eric
Mechanisms of National Integration in a Multi-Ethnic Federal State: the Nigerian Experience Ojo Emmanuel, O.
Politics of Development and Underdevelopment Nnamani, Linus
Politics of Lamidi Adedibu, the (Baba Baba Agba) Gbalarum, Hazeem


Title of Book Author
Administration of Justice in Islam Ullah
Al-Sharia (Vols) Sircar
Contribution to History of Islamic Civilization Bukhh Khuda
Interest Free Banking Uzair
Introduction to Islam Hamidullah
Islam Ethics & Teachings Salim Kunju
Islamic History Munir Muhammed
Islam It’s Concepts & History Nasir Syed
Criminal Law of Islam An Warllah
Islam History & Society Bennabi Malik
Islamic System Of Justice Shaheed
The Legacy o Islam Arnold Sir Thomas
Muslim Law of Marriage Uullah
Muslim Law of Marriage Iroanusi, Sam
Permitted & The Prohibited In Islam Azimabadi
Politics in Islam Bakhsh
The Life of Muhammad Haykal
Islamic History Rahim
Shariah The Islamic Law Dol
Shariah in Nigeria Akintola Ishaq
The fundamental of Islam Sulaiman Tamimi
Banking ?& Islamic Law Muslehuddin M.
An Approach to the Study of Quran Jung Bahadur
An Approach to the Quranic Science Usmani Muhammad
Basic Concepts of the Quran Dr. Latif
Beauty & Wisdom of the Holy Quran Chippa
The Bible, Quran & Science Bucaille & Co
Concordance of the Quran Flugel Gustan


Title of Book Author
Library Automation KOCHAR
Evaluation of Electronic Library TIWARI
Library & Information Science SARAVANAN
Textbook of Information Science KAVATRA
Library and information Studies ABAYOMI IMAM & CO.
School Library Management AINA & CO.
Library & Librarianship in Nigeria OLANLOKUN
Introduction to cataloguing practice 3rd Edition Kumar Krishna
Library Administration and Managements Kumar
Library organization Kumar
Reference Service 5th Edition Kumar Krishan
Theory of Cataloguing Kumar
Theory of Classification Kumar Krishan
An Introduction to Cataloguing Practice Kumar


Title of Book Author
Graphic Arts & Designs in Mass Communication Sulaman Osho
Emergence, Growth & Challenges of Films, Home Video in Nigeria Olufemi Onabajo & Co.


Title of Book Author
Form and Content of Tiv Songs Nyitse, Leticia Mbaiver
Historical Trends of Nigerian Indigenous and Contemporary Music Asobele, S.J. Timothy
Muson Festival 2007 Muson contre
Beatles Literacy Anthology Evans, Mike (Ed)
Choreographic politics: state folk dance companies, representation and power Anthony Shay
Cuba and its Music from the First Drums to the Mambo Sublette, Ned
Esteban’s Complete Guitar Course for Beginners: Includes 2 DVDs and Course Book Duende Publishing, a Division of Daystar Production
How to make it in the new music business Robert Worff
Integral music: languages of African America innovation Aldon Lynn Nielsen
On Music: Essays and diversions Holloway, Robin
Popular Music in Contemporary France: Authenticity, Politics Debate Loosely, David L.
Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life Lefebvre Henri