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      Access & Privileges


    Welcome to the Adeyemi College of Education Library


      As a federal institution, the Adeyemi College of Education Library is dedicated to serving the research and teaching needs of our faculty and students, as well as the larger University and

      college community of alumni and staff. Beyond serving the College, we also recognize that we are a destination for scholars from around the world and strive to provide access to our

      collections to those with a legitimate research need. If your research leads you to our collections, we will do our best to provide access whenever possible.

      We expect all users to abide by the policies and principles expressed in the Library's statement of User Rights and Responsibilities for Creating and Sustaining a Scholarly Environment.          We are committed to providing access to both our physical and electronic resources to users with disabilities; for more information see Services for Users with Disabilities


      Choose one of the categories below to find out what kinds of access and privileges we can offer you.


   Adeyemi College of Education Faculty, Academics, Students, and Staff

   We provide both on-campus and off-campus access and borrowing privileges to our faculty, academics, students, and staff. We can also help you establish access and borrowing

   privileges to collections at other academic libraries with whom we have reciprocal agreements. Learn more about access for Adeyemi College of Education, students, and staff



     Adeyemi College of Education Alumni

   We offer alumni of the College on-campus access and the option of purchasing borrowing privileges. Learn more about access for Adeyemi College of Education alumni.



     Members of the Public

     We offer on-campus access only to members of the public with a legitimate research need to consult our collections. Members of the public must establish their research need with the

     Library in order to be granted access. Learn more about how to establish your research need for members of the public.



      Access to the Special Collections Research Center

     We welcome visiting researchers to use the Special Collection Research Center's resources. Special Collections provides access to the Adeyemi College of Education's rare books,

     manuscripts, and college archives. Learn more about visiting the Special Collections Research Center.